Gene Smith - Coach, Reardan

Gene Smith is an icon at Reardan High School, where he coached 66 seasons, taught biology, anatomy, field study and zoology and was the Athletic Director. Before making his way to Reardan, Smith received his Master’s Degree from the University of Idaho and coached at Sandpoint Junior High School for three years.

In his 66 seasons of coaching at Reardan, Smith coached 24 seasons of football and basketball and 18 seasons as the head track coach. On the football field, he coached his team to 11 Bi-County Championships and eight State B Championship Appearances. Within those eight appearances, Smith’s team appeared in four semi-finals, two quarter-finals, one second place appearance as well as a state Championship win 1991. He ended his football coaching career with a 137-77-3 record.

There is no doubt that Smith was a great football coach, but his success was even greater on the basketball court. In his 24 seasons of coaching basketball, Smith went 501-152 on his career, averaging 21 wins a season and winning 13 Bi-County Championships. Under Coach Smith’s leadership, Reardan made it to the State B Championships 21 times, making it to the semi-finals or better 16 times and captured four State Championships.

Smith also played the role of Athletic Director for 23 of his 24 years at Reardan. He was a part of the WIAA Winter Sports Committee and several District seven committees. Smith has received many awards and honors, including; 1975 Washington State “B” Coach of the Year, 1977 Community Service award, 1985 Bi-County Athletic Director of the Year, 1990 S.W.A.B.S. 25 year award and 1991 G.S.S.A. Coach of the Year and was selected to coach in the All-Star Football game. Smith is a member of the Washington State Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame as well as the Washington State Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame. These are just a few honors of what Coach Smith has received for his dedication to high school athletics.

(Gene Smith Hall of Fame Inductee pictured with former assistant coaches Dan Graham and Howard Manke)